What is a Hair Color Consultation?

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What is a Hair Color Consultation?

A hair color consultation is a crucial step in achieving your desired hair color goals. It provides an opportunity for the client and stylist to discuss future hair plans and allows the stylist to examine your hair before providing a service.

Get Inspired!

Before your consultation, gather 3-4 different inspiration photos that showcase the look you're aiming for. Find inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform. It's also helpful to bring images of what you're NOT going for, ensuring clear communication with your stylist.

What to Expect During a Hair Color Consultation

Consultations cover various topics, including:

  1. Home hair care products
  2. Previous professional hair color services
  3. Salon experiences
  4. Use of box dyes or other dyes
  5. Medical history, medications, and known allergies
  6. Prices of services and maintenance expenses
  7. Time required for the service and any time constraints

These questions help your stylist understand how your hair will react to the professional chemicals used in the salon. Please feel comfortable discussing your past experiences and any concerns – our goal is to create a plan that keeps your hair healthy while providing professional options.

Strand Tests

A strand test involves applying a chemical service product (lightener, color) to a small portion of your hair, usually at the back of your head. This test may be done during your consultation or at your appointment before performing the service. Strand tests provide essential information on:

  1. How your hair reacts to the chemicals and if it's too compromised for treatment
  2. Allergies or adverse reactions to the products
  3. Color absorption
  4. Hair lightening
  5. Whether the desired look can be achieved in one appointment or if it requires multiple sessions

A consultation should answer any questions you have and inform you about your options.

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- Written By: Jackie Burkey