What is Lived in Color or Lived in Blonding?

What is Lived-in Color or Lived-in Blonding?

Lived-in color and lived-in blonding techniques are perfect for those seeking a natural-looking grow-out process while enhancing their natural tones. These looks can be achieved with various methods, and at Blow Beauty & Extensions, we pride ourselves on knowing the latest trends and techniques for lived-in color and blonding. Our goal is to create a stunning, low-maintenance look without harsh grow-out lines or contrasts in your hair.

Achieving the Lived-in Look

A lived-in look can be achieved through balayage methods, highlighting techniques, and many other approaches! We can even add length, pops of color, and dimension with our in-house hand-tied extension services. Book a free consultation with one of our Blow Beauty Babes for expert advice on finding the perfect lived-in look tailored to your lifestyle and personality.

Lived-in Blonde vs. Traditional Blonding Services

Traditional blonding services, such as all-over blonding and traditional highlights, require maintenance every 4-6 weeks. These services usually involve methods that bring the blonde color all the way to your scalp. While these methods are still great options, lived-in color offers a seamless blend into your roots for a more low-maintenance approach.

With lived-in color, your blonde or added color appears as if it naturally lightened in the sun or creates subtle contrast with your natural tones. The techniques used ensure that your hair's growth won't look harsh, giving you a more extended grace period between salon visits. Some terms you may hear our stylists use to describe these lived-in looks include low maintenance, teasy-lights, balayage, root melts, ombre, color melt, root smudge, root tap, soft dimension, and natural looks.

Let Us Translate the World of Beauty for You

At Blow Beauty & Extensions, we strive to communicate in a way that helps our guests understand what their hair will look like without getting lost in the technical jargon. Our stylists are trained in modern looks and methods, so you can feel confident that you're in good hands.

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Written By: Jackie Burkey   Photo/Hair Credits: Alexandra Sexton