Hey, I’m Jackie!

As a stylist at Blow Beauty & Extensions in Colorado Springs, I specialize in (and LOVE) balayage and lived-in color techniques that provide an easy and elegant grow out. My passion for the beauty industry began as a teenager when I would experiment with box dye on my friends' hair. This sparked my interest in color theory and led to my desire to learn more about the latest hairstyles and looks. I saved my money as a teenager so I could buy the newest hair magazines and make collages of all the trendy hair. I grew up in a Chicago, Illinois suburb, but have lived in Wisconsin, Montana, and Texas before settling down in Colorado, our forever home. I am married with two children, Zachary and Axel. I have had a diverse background, including experience in the military, medical field, teaching, and human services. I even dabble in reading tarot cards! I believe these experiences allow me to be a holistic and passionate hairdresser.  I strive to connect with my clients on a deeper level and understand their hair desires, so that I can better serve them with compassion and inclusivity. I understand that hair is part of our identity and it can be regarded as a very spiritual extension of ourselves.

Aside from being crazy about balayage and other lived in color techniques, I offer Women’s haircuts, all over blonding, highlights, dimensional brunettes and blondes, Brazilian Blowouts and hair tinsel.

Outside of the salon, I enjoy spending time with my family and practicing Hatha yoga (🌞 &🌙 yoga) to stay grounded and serve my clients mindfully. I am also a huge animal lover! I am a homebody for the most part and I will always choose to cozy up with my dogs Kali & Durga. If you are looking for a professional and personalized hair experience in Colorado Springs, visit Blow Beauty & Extensions. I would be happy to create a look that is perfect for you!

Find me @mysticbeauty_jackie